9i Joma BBRESTW2202 indoor B.Breston 2202 white/nlack

-11% 9i Joma BBRESTW2202 indoor B.Breston 2202 white/nlack

Technical handball shoes for men. These technical handball shoes are light and well cushioned. You will find maximum satisfaction on the court.

The upper is made of breathable textile with welded synthetic inserts to eliminate seams and thus increase lightness. The perforations in the upper are made with the VTS ventilation system. The protective parts of the upper have been added using FLEXSHIELD technology. The tongue is also attached to the upper in one piece to optimize fit and support.

The midsole is made of dual density phylon using FULL DUAL PULSOR cushioning technology. The upper part is firmer for stability and the lower part is made of REACTIVE BALL. In the central part, it includes a STABILIS piece, which stabilizes the shoe and prevents inappropriate turns, avoiding injuries.

The sole is made of high quality DURABILITY rubber. To make volleyball turns easier-ball- the outsole has the ROTATION structure. And to make the shoes more flexible, the FLEXO flex line system has been implemented.

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